How to take photos of your Pets

Photographing your pets can be a bit tricky, I often receive pictures of dogs looking up at their owners, and all you can see is a big nose on a floating head with no body! Here are some tips to help you get that great shot.

Get your pet to lay on the landing and you go down a couple of stairs so you are eye level with them. It would be ideal to have natural light coming in from the window.

Get your partner, family member or friend to get behind you with their favourite toy or treat to get them interested and looking just behind you.

Take lots of pics. You could even try taping a treat to the front of your camera or phone!!


Don’t photograph your pet standing directly above them. It will foreshorten them and make them look odd.

Don’t photograph a dark coloured pet against a dark background.

Don’t use flash! It will bleach out the eyes and make all the colours wrong.

Don’t photograph them from a long way away.


Do get down to their eye level.

Do use natural light.

Do get both eyes into the shot.

Do take a lot of pictures.

Do use treats!